Dairy Goat


Superintendent:  Richard Miller (419) 639-9957
Judging:  Thursday,  July 26 in conjunction with the Jr. Fair Dairy Show (Jr. Fair Dairy Goat judging at 8:30 a.m.)

 See notice marked “ATTENTION” concerning entrance procedure during the busy period in early parts of the fair.  The department superintendent must approve any unusual arrival or departure times.


Entry Rules
1.     All entries in the department must be in place by 9:00 p.m. Sunday of the fair and remain in place until release time or premiums will be forfeited.
2.     Department superintendent is responsible for assigning pens.
4.     Entry fee $2.00 per animal.
5.     Eligibility to exhibit:
          A.      Competition is open to all.
          B.      Maximum of two entries per class.
          C.      The exhibitor must also own the exhibited goats.
         D.      Each goat must comply with Ohio and Seneca County exhibition rules.
         E.      Each exhibitor must comply with Ohio Livestock Coalition “Code of Practices”.
        F.       Entries are restricted to Purebred Does.  Purebred and American    purebred to compete in the same class.
       G.      Exhibitor is required to present registration papers to the department superintendent upon entering the grounds.  Papers must remain with the goats at all times.  Failure to do so will result in ineligibility to show.
     H.      All goats must be tattooed, tattoos will be checked.
6.     Bucks are NOT permitted on the grounds.
.     Specify the number of pens needed.
.     Bedding is not provided.
.   In classes without competition, the judge will place the goat according to merit.
10.   All chores must be completed by 10:00 a.m.
11.   Not more than two premiums will be awarded in any class to the same person with or without competition.
12.   Shearing/fitting is not permitted on the grounds.
13.   All pens must be cleaned at the end of the fair or premiums will
be forfeited.

1.  Alpine
2.  LaMancha
3.  Nubian
4.  Saanen
5.  Toggenburg
6.  Pygmy Goats
7.  Recorded Grade
8.  Other Registered Dairy

Premiums:  1st-$10.00; 2nd-$6.00; 3rd-$5.00

Entry Number:
1.     Doe kids born after April 1 of current year.
2.     Doe kids born between January 1 and March 31 of current year
3.     Does born between August 1 and December 31 of previous year
4.     Does 1 year old and under 2, not in milk
5.     Does under 2, in milk
6.     Does 2 years old and under 3, in milk
7.     Does 3 years old and under 5, in milk
8.     Does 5 years old and over, in milk

Following Breed Classes:
9.     Does Breeder Exhibit:  Best 3 does, any age, any breed, owned and shown by exhibitor.
10.   Get of Sire – 3 does, any age, by the same sire, owned by exhibitor
11.   Produce of Dam – 2 does, of different age, owned by exhibitor
12.   Mother/daughter, of any age
13.   Dairy Herd – 4 does, any age, owned by exhibitor
14.   Best Udder – judged on udder alone, owned by exhibitor

Premium:  Sr. Champion – Rosette
Sr. Reserve Champion – Rosette
Jr. Champion – Rosette
Jr. Reserve Champion – Rosette

Best of Breed:  $25.00

Peewee Showmanship:  For anyone not old enough to join 4-H.  Exhibitor need not own the goat, but the goat must have been shown in the Jr./Sr. Fair show.
Awards TBA