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Cheerleading Release Form 2018

Cheerleading Registration Form 2018

Seneca County Agricultural Society
P.O. Box 756 Tiffin, OH 44883
(419) 447-7888


WHAT:  26th Annual Seneca County Fair Cheerleading Competition

WHEN:  Saturday, July 28, 2018

TIME:  10:00 AM

WHERE:  Seneca County Fairgrounds in the entertainment Building

Deadline for Registration: Monday, June 18, 2018

Dear Cheerleading Coach,

We would like to invite you to the 26th annual Seneca County Fair Cheerleading Competition.  Your Squad’s involvement in this competition will give them the chance to show their school spirit, hard work, and dedication that they put into cheerleading and most importantly have FUN while doing so.

We are hoping to make this another successful year so we are asking for your squad’s participation.  The entry fee is $30.00 per squad.  Please include your entry fee(s) with the registration forms.  Feel free to make copies of the entry and release forms if you would like to enter your school’s Large Varsity, Small Varsity, Jr. Varsity, Freshmen, 8th grade and/or 7th grade, Midget and PeeWee squads.  If for some reason an advisor at your school did not receive this packet please pass it on and feel free to make as many copies as needed.


  1. Competition will take place in the new Entertainment Building.  The floor surface will be cement with cheerleading mats.
  2. Each squad must be accompanied by an advisor and/or an adult 21 years of age.  This person must register the group at the registration table between 8:00 to 9:30 a.m. on Saturday at the event.
  3. All contestants must be enrolled for the school year.
  4. You must provide your own tape or CD of music.  The tape or CD must be rewind and ready.  It must be recorded on a high quality tape or CD and must have a back up.  You must send a representative with your tape or CD to the audio table one (1) squad before your performance.
  5. Each squad will have a four (4) minutes time limit to present at least one (1) cheer, one (1) sideline chant, and one (1) dance/pompons routine. Time will begin with the first movement by the squad after they have been introduced by the announcer.
  6. Five (5) points will be deducted from the score for every minute over the four (4) minute time limit.
  7. Squads do not have to perform in school uniforms, but will be judged on appearance and neatness.  Combined squads may perform in more than one type of uniform.
  8. The only props allowed are pompons and signs.  Mascots may perform with the squad and will be counted as a member of the squad.
  9. No pyramids or mounts are allowed. A pyramid is when another is supporting one person and both feet are off the ground.  Also, the uses of skits, mini-tramps, springboard of any height are not allowed.
  10. There will be Cash Prizes for every squad!

Any squad who does not adhere to any or all the above rules may be disqualified and will automatically give up any right to awards or prizes presented by the competition.

Enclosed you should find the registration form and a release form.  Please copy a release form for each member of your squad.  Return the registration form and fee(s) by June 18, 2018 to the Seneca County Agriculture Society office.  Release forms can be brought on the day of Competition.

We are looking forward to seeing you and your squad at the 26th Annual Seneca County Fair Cheerleading Competition.  If you have any questions or concerns feel free to call.


Christina Bumb   (419)396-6278
Fair Office             (419)447-7888