Seneca County Fair Directors

DEREK ROWE, Vice-President
PAM SHOCK, Secretary
ANNA HAMER, Treasurer

Term Expires in 2023

Christina Bumb, Big Spring Twp.
Calvin Staib, Seneca Twp.
David Hoover, At-Large Center
Scott Siegenthaler, Adams Twp.
Mary Showman, Bloom Twp.
Brian Staib, At-Large South
Sue Rainey, Loudon Twp.
Mark Schreiner, Tiffin City (one-year-term)
Kelly Cook, Fostoria City (one-year term)

Term Expires in 2021

Zelda Oakleaf, Pleasant Twp.
Darlene Wagner, Venice Twp.
Steve Shiley, At-Large North (one-year-term)
Phillip Ardner, Tiffin City
Pam Shock, Scipio Twp.
Hannah Williams, Jackson Twp.
Brett Trembath, Liberty Twp.
Derek Rowe, At-Large Center

Term Expires in 2022

Aaron Howell, At-Large South
Randall Gittinger, Eden Twp.
Ron Hoover, Clinton Twp.
Bruce Henney, Thompson Twp.
Anna Hamer, At-Large North
Rod Daniel, Hopewell Twp.
Duane Vogel, Reed Twp. (one-year term)
Dave Hufford, Fostoria City (one-year-term)

Honorary and Ex-Officio

TONY PARADISO, County Commissioner
MIKE KERSCHNER, County Commissioner
SHAYNE THOMAS, County Commissioner
KATIE COLE, 4-H Youth Development, OSU Extension

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